GRIF 2016 Line Up

Check out the schedule of what’s going on this year at GRIF: 

Monday 10/17:
7pm Kick-off Celebration: at Comedy Outlet Monday’s $5.00 Buy Tickets Here

Tuesday 10/18:
7pm Improv Show:  River City Improv and Luxury Possum $10.00 Buy Tickets Here
9pm Improv Show:  Plant Parenthood, Mrs. Claws, SALT Improv $10.00 Buy Tickets Here

Wednesday 10/19:

7pm Improv Show:  Pop Scholars and Gateway Butters $10.00 Buy Tickets Here
9pm Improv Show: 
In Case of Emergency Improv, Pseudo Improv Comedy, and Date Night With Mike and Ryan $10.00 Buy Tickets Here

Thursday 10/20-
7pm Downtown Improv Bar Hop: with Fictional Friends Improv, Late Night GR, S.A.S., Stand Up + Improv =Standup interupted, AND an improv karaoke contest $15.00 or $26.00 for an included GRIF 2016 T-shirt  Buy Tickets Here 

Friday 10/21-
7pm Improv Show: Funny Girls, GO LABS, and The Wilderness Girls $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
9pm Improv Show:
Unicornucopia, Socrates Soccer Tees, HugSquared, and Beer City Improv $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
10:03 Improv Show: GRIF: Improv Chaos  – Show tickets are free with a suggested donation of $5.00. Tickets available before show at  the venue only. Doors open at the FuseBox at 9:30pm    

Saturday 10/22-
9:30am- 12:00pm Improv Workshop: Make Your Own Improv by Pete Jacokes & James Quesada, $30.00 Reserve a Spot Here
9:30am- 12:30pm Improv Workshop: Make short form your form by Stefan Gearhart, $30.00 Reserve a Spot Here
12:30pm- 3:30pm Improv Workshop: Have Guitar, Will Improvise (Intro to musical improv) by Nelson Velazquez, $30.00 Reserve a Spot Here
4:30pm Improv Show: Rapid Delivery ImprovPointless Brewery & Theatre, Cash and Carry, and Fat Man & Big Tom $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
7:00pm Improv Show: No Outlet Improv TroupeDamaged Goods Improv, Jalopy, and Future Kids Improv $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
9:30pm Improv Show:  DianastyWith the Dark, and The Laser Comedy Show $15.00 Buy Tickets Here

Sunday 10/23-
10:30am- GRIF Brunch
1:00pm- Improv Family Workshop- GRIF: LIVE Youth Workshop, by No Outlet Improv Troupe $5.00 for kids and $8.00 for adults Buy a Ticket Here
3:00pm Improv Show Roial Players, Back Alley Improv, Listen Stupid, and EMILY, $10.00 Buy Tickets here

Monday 10/24-
7pm Improv Show- Closing Ceremonies at Comedy Outlet Mondays at Dog Story Theater $5.00 Buy Tickets Here

Interested in going to multiple events? Check out our All Access Pass for only $60.00 (supply is limited)

Bringing a group of 10 or more to one of our events? We offer a 10% discount, and birthday/anniversary/etc. shout outs for large groups. Contact us at for more details!


Check out some of the troupes performing at GRIF 2016!

Back Alley Improv – Muskegon, MI

Beer City Improv –  Grand Rapids, MI

Cash and Carry – Ferndale, MI

Damaged Goods – Louisville, KY

Date Night with Mike & Ryan – Grand Rapids, MI

Dianasty – Detroit, MI

Emily – Columbus, OH

Fat Man & Big Tom – Detroit, MI

Fictional Friends – Grand Rapids, MI

Funny Girls – Grand Rapids, MI

Future Kids – Ferndale, MI

Gateway Butters – Ferndale, MI

HugSquared – Ferndale, MI

In Case of Emergency – Grand Rapids, MI

Jalopy – Hamtramck, MI

The Laser Comedy Show – Chicago, IL

Late Night Grand Rapids – Grand Rapids, MI

The League of Pointless Improvisors – Ann Arbor, MI

Listen Stupid – Ferndale, MI

Luxury Possum – Ann Arbor, MI

Mrs. Claws – Ferndale, MI

No Outlet Improv Troupe – Grand Rapids, MI

Plant Parenthood –  Grand Rapids, MI

Pop Scholars – Grand Rapids, MI

Pseudo Improv – Grand Rapids, MI

Rapid Delivery Improv – Grand Rapids, MI

River City Improv – Grand Rapids, MI

Roial Improv Players – East Lansing, MI

SALT – Grand Rapids, MI

S.A.S – Grand Rapids, MI

Socrates Soccer Tees – Chicago, IL

Unicornicopia – Ferndale, MI

Wilderness Girls – Ferndale, MI

With the Dark – Grand Rapids, MI