GRIF 2018 Lineup

Thursday, November 1st – GRIF IMPROV HOP!


Subject to Change, BRENDA, SKAW Improv and Plant Parenthood!


Friday, November 2nd – 7:00 PM Show

Funny Girls (Grand Rapids, MI)
Hot Gold (Ferndale, MI)
Planet Ant Farm Team (Hamtramck, MI)
Improv Playhouse (Libertyville, IL)

Friday, November 2nd – 9:30 PM Show


Plant Parenthood (Grand Rapids, MI)
Unicornucopia (Ferndale, MI)
Patty and Patty (Ferndale, MI)
League of Pointless Improvisors (Ann Arbor, MI)
Society Circus Players (Miami, FL)


GRIF Workshop – Pocket Characters
Saturday, November 3rd  9:30am-12:30pm 
 Taught by Alastair Watt and Brittany Devon, this workshop focuses on characters and how to build and work on them on your own time and within a scene.  In this workshop students will work on developing 3 characters to have in your back pocket, with the goal of learning the skills for creating more pocket characters on their own time.

Saturday, November 3rd – 4:30 PM Show


Opera Dog (Grand Rapids, MI)
Makeshift Up (Crown Point, IN)
Lance Chance (Chicago, IL)
The Magpies (Chicago, IL)

Saturday, November 3rd – 7:00 PM Show 


The Tony Stanzas (Crown Point, IN)
OMG! Improv (Chicago, IL)
Josh & Sarah (Merrilville, IN)
Food Club (Ferndale, MI)

Saturday, November 3rd – 9:30 PM Show 


Sofa (Grand Rapids, MI)
Cash & Carry (Ferndale, MI)
Listen, Stupid (Ferndale, MI)
Lady Parts Detroit (Ferndale, MI)


Sunday, November 4th – 12:30 PM to 3 PM – IMPROV CHAOS!
Improv Chaos is a fun, crazy, GRIF original! This is a great opportunity for individuals who are not part of a troupe (or who are!) to get involved and perform. During Improv Chaos, participants will be put into groups, given a list of challenges, and an hour to create new games. They are then part of the FREE Improv Chaos show. This is free to participate but please register using the above link!

Sunday, November 4th – 4:00 PM Show 

In the Style Of…(Grand Rapids, MI)
Hole in the Wall (Grand Rapids, MI)
Crit Happens (Grand Rapids, MI)
Random Fandom (Chicago, IL)
Tobin Tales (New York, NY)


Closing Night @ Comedy Outlet Mondays
Monday, November 5th – 7:00 PM Show
Celebrating the closing night of GRIF 2018 at Comedy Outlet Mondays!
Date Night with Mike and Ryan (Grand Rapids, MI)
Improñol (Chicago, IL)
Plus musical guests and more!