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Check out the schedule of what’s going on this year at GRIF: 

Monday 10/17:
7pm Kick-off Celebration: at Comedy Outlet Monday’s $5.00 Buy Tickets Here

Tuesday 10/18:
7pm Improv Show:  River City Improv and Luxury Possum $10.00 Buy Tickets Here
9pm Improv Show:  Plant Parenthood, Mrs. Claws, SALT Improv $10.00 Buy Tickets Here

Wednesday 10/19:

7pm Improv Show:  Pop Scholars and Gateway Butters $10.00 Buy Tickets Here
9pm Improv Show: 
In Case of Emergency Improv, Pseudo Improv Comedy, and Date Night With Mike and Ryan $10.00 Buy Tickets Here

Thursday 10/20-
7pm Downtown Improv Bar Hop: with Fictional Friends Improv, Late Night GR, S.A.S., Stand Up + Improv =Standup interupted, AND an improv karaoke contest $15.00 or $26.00 for an included GRIF 2016 T-shirt  Buy Tickets Here 

Friday 10/21-
7pm Improv Show: Funny Girls, GO LABS, and The Wilderness Girls $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
9pm Improv Show:
Unicornucopia, Socrates Soccer Tees, HugSquared, and Beer City Improv $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
10:03 Improv Show: GRIF: Improv Chaos  – Show tickets are free with a suggested donation of $5.00. Tickets available before show at  the venue only. Doors open at the FuseBox at 9:30pm    

Saturday 10/22-
9:30am- 12:00pm Improv Workshop: Make Your Own Improv by Pete Jacokes & James Quesada, $30.00 Reserve a Spot Here
9:30am- 12:30pm Improv Workshop: Make short form your form by Stefan Gearhart, $30.00 Reserve a Spot Here
12:30pm- 3:30pm Improv Workshop: Have Guitar, Will Improvise (Intro to musical improv) by Nelson Velazquez, $30.00 Reserve a Spot Here
4:30pm Improv Show: Rapid Delivery ImprovPointless Brewery & Theatre, Cash and Carry, and Fat Man & Big Tom $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
7:00pm Improv Show: No Outlet Improv TroupeDamaged Goods Improv, Jalopy, and Future Kids Improv $15.00 Buy Tickets Here
9:30pm Improv Show:  DianastyWith the Dark, and The Laser Comedy Show $15.00 Buy Tickets Here

Sunday 10/23-
10:30am- GRIF Brunch
1:00pm- Improv Family Workshop- GRIF: LIVE Youth Workshop, by No Outlet Improv Troupe $5.00 for kids and $8.00 for adults Buy a Ticket Here
3:00pm Improv Show Roial Players, Back Alley Improv, Listen Stupid, and EMILY, $10.00 Buy Tickets here

Monday 10/24-
7pm Improv Show- Closing Ceremonies at Comedy Outlet Mondays at Dog Story Theater $5.00Buy Tickets Here

Interested in going to multiple events? Check out our All Access Pass for only $60.00 (supply is limited)

Bringing a group of 10 or more to one of our events? We offer a 10% discount, and birthday/anniversary/etc. shout outs for large groups. Contact us for more details! #GRIF16


2016 Poster

GRAND RAPIDS IMPROV FESTIVAL FUN. Join us for 8 days of shows, workshops, bar hops, jams, and interactive kids workshops!




THIS IS NOT A DRILL, GRIF 2016 is only 6 days away!!!

Head over and check out the schedule so you know what shows you want to see!

When you’ve picked what you want to see you can go and BUY YOUR TICKETS!

What’s that? You want to see them all? You smart cookie, you. You should probably get the ALL ACCESS PASS!

But watching is only half the fun. Why not challenge your neurons to learn something new at one of our WORKSHOPS!


Get ready Grand Rapids, GRIF will be at a Dog Story Theater near you momentarily!

Festival Pass!

(UPDATED 10/9/15: Corrected ticket links)

We’re very excited to introduce two festival passes, an all access show pass, and a workshop pass.

The All Access Show Pass gets you access to 12 separate improv shows featuring 28 improv troupes! You also get to experience the Downtown Improv Crawl on October 15th ($12.00 value), and Beyond the Laughter- a panel discussion on October 17th about using improv to provide healing and build community ($5.00 value). $60 per person. Please arrive 10 minutes early to claim your ticket for each show.


The All Access Workshop Pass lets you choose any three workshops to attend during the Grand Rapids Improv Festival. With twelve very different and engaging workshops to choose from, you are sure to get a lot of bang for your buck. You will also get access to Beyond the Laughter- a panel discussion on October 17th about using improv to provide healing and build community. $60 per person

Purchase the All Access SHOW Pass here:

Purchase the All Access WORKSHOP Pass here:

GRIF Public Service Announcement

We’d like to thank Grand Rapids TV for allowing us to put together this very important Public Service Announcement

Events and Workshops!

Completes list of all the events and workshops GRIF has to offer is now online!
TWO new menus have been added to the top of the page…

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Click and follow those links for all the information you need.

And if you still crave MORE information,
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GRIF 2015 Posters

GRIF_EDU GRIF_Kids_final (7) GRIFSamEditv3HiRes


We have new finalized posters! We’re gearing up GR, hope you’re ready!

Get Ready!

We’ll be announcing performing troupes soon, get ready GR, this festival is going to have something for everybody! You still have a chance to sign up as an individual performer too here!

Applications Extended- kind of!

We’ve heard from several troupes that they, just barely missed the deadline to submit applications. So we’re deeming this the ‘Slackers Extension’ you have until tomorrow (the 27th) to get your applications in through the National Improv Network!

NIN is Back!

All systems are a go! ApPly aPpLy APplY!