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Wondering about Workshops?

Watching improv is great, and watching it at the Grand Rapids Improv Festival is even better, but sometimes you just want MORE. That’s why every GRIF we carefully put together a selection of workshops to help people learn and grow in their own improv journey! Most of our workshops are appropriate for beginners to veterans and each one focuses on a different aspect of improv. Do you have a workshop you might want to teach? Then apply HERE! Do you have a workshop you’d like to attend? Leave a suggestion in the comments below!

Some of our past workshop topics include short form game creation, musical improv, and more! Each workshop is taught by experienced improvisors and is a fun way to spend a Saturday morning whether you’re just looking for a few hours of fun or looking to build skills for your own improv resume.

If you’re an improvisor who still hasn’t applied to GRIF, do it now and get in on our July early bird submission pricing! APPLY HERE!


Today is the day! Submissions for GRIF17 are now open. Troupes, individuals and those interested in teaching a workshop can head HERE and apply!

Submissions open JULY 9th!!

Submissions are opening July 9th and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to Grand Rapids! The GRIF organizers are busy behind the scenes making sure GRIF17 will be one to remember. Remember IMPROV CHAOS? It’s going to be even better! Remember our downtown bar crawl? This year it’s going to be EVEN BETTER!

Thank you to everyone who made the GRIFs of years past so successful! Come out and see what we have in store for this year.

GRIF 2017 is SIX MONTHS away!

GRIF17 is right around the corner! Ok, maybe not RIGHT around the corner, but like, down the block and around the corner. In any case, it’s coming and it’s time to get excited. Do you have a troupe that would like to perform? We can’t wait to have you! Are you an individual that doesn’t have a troupe but would still like to participate? Join our Improv Chaos event! Do you have a special skill that you think would enrich our festival goers? Sign up to teach a workshop! Do you just like to watch improv and drink? Plan to come along on the GRIF Improv Crawl! Submissions to participate are set to open in July. In the mean time, tell your friends, tell your troupe mates, and tell Siri to mark your calendar for GRIF 2017 – October 30 to November 6!

Stay tuned here, and on our Facebook page for all the updates!